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Harmonic ProStream 1000

Digital Headend

Harmonic ProStream 1000

Multiplexer, Scrambler and Transcoder

Three Ethernet ports - the Ethernet ports allow connection to separate networks. The

Ethernet ports are labeled ETH1-3. ETH3 port is used to connect the device to the

management network and ETH2 port for CAS network when required. ETH1 is optional

for future use.

ETH1 is 10/100 Base-T port and ETH 2 and 3 are 10/100/1000 Base-T ports. For

cabling instructions, see Installing the ProStream 1000 Unit on page 19.

 EIA-RS-232 Serial Communication Port - the EIA-RS-232 serial port is used for technical

support only.

 Status LEDs - currently not in use.

 Fault Relay Port - currently not in use.

 CPC LEDs - the following table lists the CPC LEDs from top to bottom and explains their

functionality. The LEDs function similar whether ProStream 1000 operates in standalone

or NMX control mode:

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